Tim Mellow-Director and acoustical engineer, Mellow Acoustics

    • Tim Mellow-Director and acoustical engineer, Mellow Acoustics's presentations

    With over 30 years’ experience as an electronics/acoustical engineer at several companies, including 12 years at Nokia, Tim founded Mellow Acoustics to develop high-end audio products and provide a consultancy service. He co-authored the book “Acoustics: Sound Fields and Transducers” with Leo Beranek and has published 11 papers in JASA.

    Title: “Recent developments in electrostatic loudspeakers and their associated electronics”

    Synopsis: Despite the increasing popularity of wireless loudspeakers with built-in amplifiers and DSPs, there is still a demand from purists in the high-end audio market for passive loudspeakers so that they can choose their partnering equipment. The challenge is how to create magic from 2-channel stereo using passive analogue circuitry. In this presentation, we describe an electrostatic loudspeaker that is designed to spread the sound out in all directions so that the reflected sound correlates with the direct to improve the stereo image and to create the sense of spaciousness experienced at a live performance.


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