Maciej Redel-Assistant Vice President, Lead Solutions Architect for IoT and Analyt, Genpact

    Maciej has overall 18 years of professional experience in architecting, designing and delivering complex IT projects in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Business Support Systems (BSS) space. At Genpact, he is responsible for qualifying and blueprinting solutions for new Industrial IoT opportunities in manufacturing, high-tech and services verticals. He also builds portfolio of Genpact’s services and solutions in Smart Manufacturing and Smart Asset Management domains. Maciej has worked as an IoT Solutions Architect in multiple industries (healthcare, automotive, power, oil & gas, telecoms, and others) and delivered IoT/M2M projects across various geographies (EMEA, US, and Asia).

    Title: “Building complex equipment performance models with AI and NLP for Preventive Maintenance use case”

    Synopsis: In this presentation, speaker will discuss how to build complex equipment performance models which will provide high accuracy predictions for the Preventive Maintenance use cases. This talk shows various data sources which are used as inputs into PM models – including both: structured and unstructured data sources and how to deal with those sources using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Tags: Digital Factory, Preventive Maintenance, IoT/IIoT, Industrie 4.0


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