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    Dr Sam Bradbrook is an experienced futurist with more than 12 years experience in the Health and Safety Executive’s Foresight Centre. His role is to monitor developments in science, technology, economics and politics to help identify issues and their implications that could significantly affect workplace health and safety in the UK in the future. His activities help contribute to the development of HSE’s strategic priorities, policy objectives, science planning and research and programme development. This helps enable HSE and the broader health and safety system to anticipate and keep pace with change. He has written a range of reports on future trends that will affect the future workplace, which have been published online.

    Title: “Digitalisation and the Future World of Work”

    Synopsis: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) such as digitisation, Artificial Intelligence and robotics are undergoing a rapid pace of change and becoming increasingly pervasive; offering access to information and content at anytime, anywhere and on any device. Technology and society increasingly coexist; this is driving major changes in how people interact with one another, at work and at home. A range ICT trends and developments are merging and accelerating; this has been described as a ‘fourth industrial revolution’. This revolution, unlike the previous ones, is evolving at an exponential, rather than a linear pace. ICT-related changes in the emerging world of work are bringing about not only opportunities, but also a number of health and safety risks. This talk will discuss ongoing ICT developments, their likely affect on the workplace and related health and safety implications.


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