Chris Steel-HM Specialist Inspector, Health & Safety Executive

    • Chris Steel-HM Specialist Inspector, Health & Safety Executive's presentations

    Chris has 20 years’ experience in noise and vibration control. Before joining the HSE he worked in product design, consultancy and lectured on acoustics at Napier University. He currently investigating breaches of the workplace noise and vibraiton regulations, advising companies on practicable controls and providing expert witness reports for court.

    Title: “Controlling workplace noise in waste wood recycling”

    Synopsis: The HSE has inspected and taken enforcement on noise exposure at a number of wood waste bio-mass recycling facilities. With the predicted growth of this industry it is clear that advice on practicable control and how to manage workplace noise is needed to avoid companies falling below their legal obligations. The presentation will outline some of the key things companies can do to limit their level of risk and will also to canvas this industry for engagement with the HSE Noise & Vibraiton team.


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