Allan Maund-Director of Counter Fraud, Dains LLP

  • Allan has 24 years’ experience within the financial crime sector and specialises in providing support and advise to clients relating to prevention, detection and deterrence programmes to reduce financial loss and reputational damage, and where financial crime has occurred, appropriate and lawful actions to adhere to civil or criminal legislation. Allan’s areas of expertise include, fraud, theft, bribery and tax evasion offences.

    Allan has operated globally for clients, and as a holder of UK Government Security clearance he has more recently worked in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, UAE, Thailand, Turkey, Greece, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Norway.

    Allan is a Board Member and serving a second term as the Board Secretary of the Association Certified Fraud Examiners (UK Chapter).

    Title: “Supply Chain Fraud”


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